Some Milestones

Telecom: Telefónica Internacional

Design of the Internet Portfolio Strategy Internet in its subsidiaries of Spain and Latam prior to the Terra’s portal IPO.
Keyword: Innovation Strategy programs

Oil company: Repsol

Teaming with Management Board to define challenges of innovation, as well as strategic thinking sessions with Corporate Human Resources and Business Units Directors about Best Practices for innovation and their implications on the organizational strategy.
Keyword: Innovation System programs

Civil Construction: Ferrovial

Definition of the global and structured innovations strategy in Corporate, Construction Divsion, Highways Division (Texas...), Infrastructure Services and Airports Division (Heathrow...) which brings together more than 1000 companies. Participants: all CEOs, Directors of Business Units Managers of the whole organization.
Keyword: Innovation Culture programs



big company Overview

Finance&Banking: Bankinter

Design of the first global multidisciplinary forum on Innovation in business. Participants in first editions: Alpheus Bingham (founder of innocentives), Max Burger (President Apax Partners Europe, Sviratsa Rao (Central Bank of Malaysia’s chairman), Thomas Lee (Stanford expert), Cristina Garmendia (Minister of Science and Technology).
Keyword: Innovation Strategy programs

Consulting: Accenture

Skills & methods immersion to update their best practices in innovation management, as well as internal reflection of the company and its innovation services for their clients.
Keyword: HHRR Development programs

Major Utilities: Suez/Grupo Agbar

Creation of the internal Best-Innovations Exchange Forum within the different Group Business Units. Four-year program with the participation of 150 corporate executives.
Keyword: Innovation Culture programs



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Pharma: Almirall

Construction of an Innovation Culture and Processes in Marketing & Sales Divisions and Manufacturing Divisions. Direct participation of CEOs and their functional directors, managers and project teams.
Keyword: Innovation Culture&System programs

Consumer Goods: Cafento

Skills program in Business Innovation methods to Management Board, and program in Sales Innovation Management to the network of dealers and retail distribution.
Keyword: HHRR Development

Legal Services: Cuatrecasas

Creation of the services’ continuous innovation strategy and novel routes to relate with customers in digital virtual environments. Participants: President, CEO and Senior Partners of the firm.
Keyword: Innovation Strategy


Strategic Partnership

The depth and strategic level of our actions are based on a partner relationship and team building between our senior experts and the client’s managers with ultimate authority in their company.

These actions are structured into programs for an adaptive on-going time period, or into a turnkey project.

Our programs have four skills-based pillars:

- Strategic Consulting, and Design of Innovation Systems and Culture in the company, adapted to industry-sector, types of functional areas and business culture starting point.

- Construction of innovation platforms upon real organizational structures and their digital structures.

- Integration of implementation of own innovation tools, as well as third-party tools from the client’s providers, in areas as Sales, HHRR, New Products, Technology, Manufacturing, Managers and Steering Committees.

- Human Development in its realms of Talent, Innovative Leadership and Creativity.

All programs are designed according to the complex business needs required by the client, always customized but inspired on up-to-date international Best Practices.


Strategic & Operational tools

Last decade, corporations have included innovation as one of their strategic pillars. Our Corporate Programs guide the company along full implementation of this strategic value.

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